danabol 50


Quantity: 60 tablets

Cconcentration: 50mg/tab

Substance: Methandienone

The price is for a box of 60 pills.



Description Danabol 50 Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Danabol, also known as naposim, is the most popular orally administered steroid, producing rapid increases in muscle mass and strength, making it very attractive to beginners.

Danabol 50 is the most powerful version of Danabol administered orally, each pill has a concentration of 50 mg.


The active ingredient Methandienone provides muscle growth, helping to synthesize proteins and nitrogen retention.


Danabol is administered zilnic și se poate împărți în două doze pe zi. Due to the activity in the body for 6-8 hours, it is recommended to administer one half of the pill in the morning, the other half being administered one hour before training.

It can be combined very well with Deca-Durabolin, from this combination the mass gains are significant.

The duration of a cycle should not exceed 8 weeks, the main problem is requesting the liver.

Side effects:

Side effects include: acne, baldness in the genetically predisposed case, increased blood pressure and increased palpitations, the use of anti-estrogens such as Nolvadex and Proviron being recommended.

One downside is that at the end of the steroid cure, muscle mass and strength may decline, so post-cycle winstrol therapy is recommended to harden muscle mass.

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