Stanozolol inj Winstrol


Quantity: 1 bottle of 10ml

Concentration: 50mg/ml

Substance: Stanozolol

The price is for 1 bottle of 10 ml.


Description Stanozolol inj Winstrol Hilma Biocare

Injectable Stanozolol, also known as Winstrol, is one of the steroids used for strength and muscle mass.

It does not cause water retention, so the muscle mass becomes smooth and striated.

Stanozolol in the injectable form is much more effective than the oral variant, due to the much faster absorption directly into the blood.

It is preferred by athletes during muscle definition cures, being a steroid that stops the secretion of testosterone from the body.


Administration is done intramuscularly, the recommended dose being between 20-40 mg for beginners, 40-100 mg for amateurs, and professionals get up to 160 mg per day.

It can be combined with Testosterone Propionate, Anapolon or Dianabol to obtain considerable results, the duration of a cycle will be 6-8 weeks, and at the end of it a post-cycle therapy with Stano is indicated.

Side effects:

Side effects vary according to the genetic makeup of each person, with the risk of androgenic effects such as acne or baldness.

There may be problems of a liver nature, due to high toxicity, both in injectable and oral versions, and from a cardiovascular point of view, cholesterol may be affected.

Winstrol can greatly suppress testosterone secretion, and its use with an androgen is indicated and at the end of the cure, post-cycle therapy is needed to restore the optimal level of testosterone produced by the body.

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