Pregnyl 5000


Quantity: 1 box with 2 ampoules

Cconcentration:5000 units

Substance: human chorionic gonadotropin

The price is for a box containing 1 ampoule of solvent and 1 ampoule of powder.



Description Pregnyl 5000 Other manufacturers

Pregnyl 5000 is a basic product in post cycle therapies. Pregnyl is used when the testicles are atrophied. But many bodybuilders prefer to use it preventively, even if they don't need it. It has the role of stimulating the production of sperm in men and eggs in women.

It is very useful, especially during very long steroid cycles, or when using very high doses.

Not only does it help maintain the size and function of the testicles, it also helps return them to normal if they have shrunk. Especially when androgen levels are below the limit (due to steroids), which could have undesirable consequences.

It's based on chorionic gonadotropin human and the recommended dose is 250 I.U., once every 4 days, 14 days after the first administration of steroids.

Cycles should be 2-3 weeks and with a break of at least a month between them. Prolonged use can permanently desensitize the testicles.

Possible side effects are as in the case of anabolic and androgenic steroids. Fluid retention and gynecomastia may occur if high doses are used. Another potentially serious side effect is desensitization of the testicles, which means that the testicles will never produce testosterone.

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