Provimed proviron


Quantity: 20 tablets

Cconcentration: 50mg/tab

Substance: Mesterolone

The price is for a blister of 20 pills.



Description Provimed proviron Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Provimed is a steroid used during post-cyclic therapies, with the role of stopping the estrogenic effects of steroids and restoring testosterone levels in the body, improving the action of steroids used in the past, helping with sexual function by regulating the amount of hormones.


The active ingredient is Mesterolone, which prevents the aromatization of other steroids, with effects such as increasing free testosterone in the blood, increasing libido during the cycle, and helping to shape the appearance of muscle fibers.


The administration of Provimed is done orally, the tablets are administered whole and with enough water, the daily dose being 50-100 milligrams. It can be combined with 10-30 milligrams of tamoxifen.

The duration of a cycle is about 12 weeks and can be associated with almost any steroid cycle.

Side effects:

Side effects are very rare, being well tolerated by the liver, without liver disorders during administration.

It can be used for more than a few weeks in association with a steroid cycle.

Very often, side effects can be sexual overload and water accumulation, but these effects are due to overdose. These side effects are remedied by lowering the dose.

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