T3 Hilma


Quantity: 50 tablets

Cconcentration 25mcg/tab

Substance: Liothyronine Sodium

The price is for a box of 50 pills.



Description T3 Hilma Hilma Biocare

T3 is a steroid based on the active substance Liothyronine Sodium, being very similar to the natural thyroid hormone called T3.

T3 is an ideal steroid for weight loss, being used and in medicine for people with thyroid disorders. The lack of this hormone produces: weight gain, lack of energy and hair loss.


The beneficial effects observed when using T3 are: Increased metabolism, burning fat, suppresses appetite, improves physical performance, reduces the need for sleep and improves your body's heat production.


The usual duration of a cycle is 4-8 weeks, the daily dose is 25-75mcg, while professionals reach 50-150mcg per day.

For quick effects it can be combined with Clenbuterol.

Side effects:

In general, T3 is considered to be a very well tolerated hormone for most healthy adults, side effects are due in most cases to overdose or genetic construction.

Side effects include: headaches, sweating, irregular heart disease, nervousness, irregular menstrual tract, and allergic rashes.

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