Testosterone Cipionate


Quantity: 1 amp of 1ml

Concentration: 200mg/ml

Substance: Testosterone Cypionate

The price is for a 1ml ampoule.


Description Testosterone Cipionat Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Testosterone Cypionate is a steroid designed for the rapid accumulation of muscle mass by water retention, being superior to Testosterone Enanthate, this is an ideal steroid for beginners. In the case of a desire for muscle mass growth, this is the first steroid you should start a cycle with.


The recommended dose is 200 mg for beginners, every 3 days and for those with experience, the dose is 200 mg every other day.

It belongs to the category of oil-based injectable steroids that act for a long time in the body, the gains in muscle mass and strength will be high, but due to the water, the muscle mass will not have a firm and defined appearance. It can be administered with Tamoxifen or Proviron, giving a rough appearance to the muscles and preventing gynecomastia.

For significant mass gains in a short time, it can be combined with Danabol or Decaderabolin.

Side effects:

In general, it is well tolerated by men, being similar to the hormone produced by the body, but there may be side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention and fat accumulation.

Androgenic effects may occur, such as: oily skin and baldness, including cholesterol lowering. In this case, an aromatizing inhibitor such as Arimidex is needed.

At the end of the cycle, a post-cyclic therapy is indicated to prevent hormonal imbalance, the body's testosterone production is affected.

It can also be found under the trade names of: Banrot, Cypionax, Cyclo-6, Testosterone Ultra, Miro Depo, Testo LA, Deposteron, and Depo-testosterone.

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