Oxandrolone (Anavar) + PCT Cycle


Contents: Oxandrolon + Proviron + Liv 52 + Tamoximed + Clomiphene

Substance: mix of steroids

The price includes everything you need during the cycle and after.



Description Oxandrolone (Anavar) + PCT Cycle Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Hilma Biocare

Oxandrolone is a safe steroid, but it is also expensive. There are many names on the market, such as Anavar, Var, Oxa, Oxandrolon or Oxanabol.

It is the ideal steroid for beginners because it is not as toxic as Danabol or Anapolon, does not retain water, and helps build long-lasting muscle mass. For Anavar to have good effects, the doses must be well established and there must be a menu rich in proteins.

An ideal Oxandrolone cycle for beginners, containing a pretty serious dosage for gaining muscle mass, but especially for strength looks like this:

Oxandrolone cycle with Proviron:

Week oxandrolone Proviron Liv 52 1 50mg/day 50mg/day 2 pills/day 2 60mg/day 50mg/day 2 pills/day 3 70mg/day 50mg/day 2 pills/day 4 70mg/day 50mg/day 2 pills/day 5 70mg/day 50mg/day 2 pills/day 6 70mg/day 50mg/day 2 pills/day

An Anavar pill has a concentration of 10 mg, so in the first week, take 5 pills per day.
A Proviron pill has a concentration of 50 mg, so take one pill a day.
Proviron is also used to keep androgen levels normal.

Oxandrolone can be administered as follows: 2 pills in the morning, 3 before training and 2 after training and adjust the dose according to the week.

For this cycle, you need 273 Oxandrolon pills and 42 Proviron pills, which means:
-3 boxes of Oxandrolone
-2 Proviron blisters
-1 Living Box 52

It is important to take Liv 52 during the cycle to ensure that you do not put too much stress on the liver.

Post cycle therapy, after a cycle with oxandrolone?

Although Oxandrolone is a safe steroid, it is recommended that after a cycle with Anavar, follow a post cycle therapy.
This is because it is a suppressive steroid and testosterone production can be inhibited by the amount of Oxandrolone used in the cycle.

A post cycle therapy after Anavar is a simple therapy with just a few basics: Tamoxifen and Clomiphene Citrate.

This is a very good cycle with oral steroids – Anavar, which will have no side effects as long as you maintain the optimal dosage.
Post cycle therapy should start 3-6 days after the last Oxandrolone Pill, and should contain Clomid and Tamoxifen.

Post cycle therapy has to look like this:

Day 1:
clomid 250 mg + tamoxifen 60 mg (5 clomid and 3 tamoxifen),

The next 10 days: clomid 100 mg + tamoxifen 40 mg (2 clomid / day + 2 tamoxifen per day)

The next 10 days: clomid 50 mg + tamoxifen 20 mg (1 clomid / day + 1 tamoxifen / day)

Total: 35 clomid pills + 33 tamoxifen pills

In the Oxandrolon cycle, eating is very important. We have to focus a lot on carbs and protein, we're cutting back on sex as much as we can, and we have to train properly.

The cycle presented here includes all the necessary products, including products for Post Cycle Therapy.

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