steroid cycle for beginners


Contents: Testosterone E + Nandrolone D + Danabol + Tamox + Liv 52

Substance: steroid mix

In the price, all the products required for a cycle are included.



Description Balkan Pharmaceuticals Beginner Steroid Cycle

For steroids to have the desired effect, they must be administered after a specific schedule during a cycle.
A chaotic administration will not bring us the desired benefits.

The cycle presented on this page is a basic cycle for any beginner who wants to benefit from a rapid increase in muscle mass. With this cycle, you gain about 10-15 kg in 2 months.

The doses in this cycle are medium doses that can't really have any side effects. This cycle will help us increase muscle mass and strength very quickly, and the improvements will be seen in the first 2 weeks.

Muscle mass cycle management, for beginners:

Week Testosterone Enanthate Nandrolone D Danabol 10mg Tamoxifen0 Liv 52 1 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday) 2 tablets/day 10mg/day 2 tablets/day 2 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday) 3 tablets/day 10mg/day 2 tablets/day 3 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday) 3 tablets/day 10mg/day 2 tablets/day 4 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday) 4 tablets/day 10mg/day 2 tablets/day 5 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday) 3 tablets/day 10mg/day 2 tablets/day 6 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday) 3 tablets/day 10mg/day 2 tablets/day 7 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday) 8 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday) 9 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday) 10 1ml/week (Monday) 1ml/week (Thursday)

Take 1ml (1 ampoule) of Testosterone Enanthate on Monday, 1ml (1 ampoule) of Nandrolone Decanoate on Thursday for 10 weeks. Take 2-3-4 Danabol pills every day for 6 weeks as explained in the table.Take half a daily tamoxifen pill for 10 weeks and 2 Liv 52 pills for 7 weeks.

Therefore, for this loop we need:

-10 ml Testosterone Enanthate
-10ml of Nandrolone Decanoate (Decadurabolin)
-2 boxes of Danabol 10mg / 120 tab
-1 Liv 52 box
1 blister of Tamoxime

The price of this cycle is calculated using Balkan Pharmaceuticals products. But if you want to buy products from other steroid companies, please specify this in the comment box when placing your order.

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